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Best Tires for the Lexus Rx 350

Did you know that you need to change your Lexus RX 350 tires once the tread depth falls below 3/32nds of an inch? Tires have a significant impact on ride quality, handling, braking, fuel economy, and safety. And not just any tire is capable of correctly channeling your vehicle’s advanced performance technologies to the road – APT212.

Keep reading for a guide on the best tires for the Lexus RX 350. When the time comes to choose your new tires, consider the following factors.

  • A new brand or original equipment tires?
  • Handling and comfort
  • Timing
  • Tire size
  • All-season, winter or summer tires?

Original Equipment Tires or New Brand

Do you like the way your auto rides? If yes, stick with the original equipment tires from the manufacturer. The tires will fit in your car since they’re designed for it. Citroen Business Contract Hire

Probably, you want to change your car’s ride characteristics – APT212.

Tire size

On the driver’s side door, you’ll get a placard that shows the size of your car’s tires. For a reading showing P215/65 R15, for instance, the string indicates tire width, the height vs. width, and the diameter.

In most circumstances, your new tires ought to match this size. Just insert the year, model, and make of your car.

Handling and Comfort

Do you want tires that offer a comfortable ride and reduce road noise? The tires you choose will define your vehicle’s personality. You shouldn’t only choose the right tire size but also consider braking ability and car’s handling. 

Some of the brands are mainly developed for your auto. You want to achieve the quietness and ride but also the handling that builds personality as intended by the manufacturer – APT212. 

All-Season, Winter or Summer Tires

Do you want all-season, summer or winter tires? All-season tires are common since they’re used on dry or ice ground. Winter tires are built of a pliable rubber compound that works ideally in cold temperatures.


You don’t want to wait until the tires are completely worn! By putting a quarter into the tire’s tread, you can check the condition of your tires. It’s time to start shopping if the quarter’s top is even with the tread. used kia rio

5 Signs That Your Auto Needs New Tires

Tread Depth: Treads on the tires falling below 1/16 inch or 1/6 millimeters in depth. With a gauge, you can measure the depth – APT212. 

Tread Wear Indicator Bar:  The barely invisible bars on new tires gradually emerge as the tread wears down. The tread is getting small if you find one or two of these. 

Cracks in the Sidewall: Look for cuts or tracks on the sidewall. The visible grooves are signs that a leak is developing in your tire. 

Bulges & Blisters on the Tire: The tire’s outer surface may start weakening. That results in a blister or bulge that extends outward.

Too Much Vibration: Did you notice unnecessary vibration even on the roads you drive regularly? If yes, an internal problem in the tires could be one of the causes.

Wrapping Up

This guideline will come in handy when choosing the best tires for the lexus rx 350. Do you want to do the shopping for the lexus rx 350 tires easy? Consider searching your tires by size or brand – APT212.