7 Benefits of using plaster ceiling panels

Whether you want a smooth appearance or an elaborated and beautifully textured finish, plaster has been a choice of material for a long time. It has been popularly used due to its versatility and plasticity. Some may argue that the material lost its charm during the late 1960s as other materials were introduced that could provide a similar finish. However, the introduction of plaster panels has brought it back into the vogue and has reinstated the lost pride of the material. Plaster panels are one of the most preferred materials to design the ceiling of today’s contemporary houses. These are also popularly used to create an ancient feel in heritage houses. You need to find professionals and Get in touch for plaster ceiling panels to ensure quality in products used and work done. Plaster ceiling panels can dramatically transform the look of your house and drastically simplify the process. Here are some compelling benefits that would convince you to opt for plaster ceiling panels for your home.

  • Aesthetic appeal

Today’s homes provide you much more than just comfort. Instead of the monotonous plain distempered ceiling, they are given character and style by artistic plaster ceiling panels. Minute details on these panels can make even a minimalistic room look extraordinary. You can find these art pieces in different colors, shapes, and depths and pick the ones that are closest to your unique personality.

  • Variety in designs

Plaster ceiling panels can be amazingly artistic. They can add beautiful arches, intricate traditional designs, bold patterns, or subtle and edgy geometric patterns. The variety you can find is endless. There is something for every style be it traditional or contemporary.  You can also get these panels custom-made with unconventional designs of your choice.

  • Ease workability

Plaster is a super-light material that is extremely easy to mold. It is ideal for creating moldings, panels, and cornices for different types, sizes, and shapes of ceilings. These are also easy to install and release extremely little dust. This makes plaster ceiling panels a material of choice for both simple and intricate designs.

  • Durability and longevity

In addition to being elegant and beautiful, plaster is also sturdy and durable. Once it gets dry, it is strong and known to get firmer over time. In most cases, it is found to be more resistant to dents when knocked. Modern backing that is used with plaster ceiling panels makes them more durable.

  • Absorption of noise and fire

Plaster is also known for absorbing noise better than the present-day drywalls. The irregular shape that is created between the walls does the magic and performs the acoustical duties to reduce echoing. You can easily experience the difference by hearing the sound in a room with a ceiling of plaster panels.

  • Low cost

If you are running short of budget and still want a high standard construction, plaster ceiling panels are ideal for yours. They can provide high-quality construction and aesthetics to your home, at amazingly affordable pricing.

  • Lesser environmental impact

Plaster panels are mostly made of sustainable material. The use of recyclable material can be as high as 45 percent making them a perfect choice for environment lovers. These are also free from all sorts of chemical hazards and provide a safe and healthy living environment.