Metal Beds – A Growing Trend in Home Furnishings

Unlike wood, metal does not usually conjure up thoughts of warmth or pleasure to the touch. Wood has been the choice of material for making furniture for millennia, and this has remained unchanged even in an age where everything seems to be made from plastic. Mention metal beds and people are likely to think of hospital beds, and the metal bunk beds often found in dorm rooms. While the durability and ease of use of metal makes it the most popular choice for institutions, metal beds are not only about being utilitarian. Some of the most intriguing contemporary bed designs are done in metal, and metal beds are often a great match for the modern and minimalistic interiors of many bedrooms. However normal bedrooms too can look nice with a metal bed. A wrought iron bed is right at home in almost any bedroom, and the malleability of metal lends it to designs that don’t work in other mediums.

Metal Bed Benefits

Practical considerations for using metal are the environment you live in: Humid regions of the world are susceptible to mould, and the wooden surfaces of furniture, including bedroom furniture, can be attacked by fungal moulds which not only look nasty but can present a danger to respiratory health as well. This mould can be cleaned and minimised by providing excellent ventilation, but it does take some effort to keep the mould away and it may not be possible to really prevent it 100%, without resorting to drastic measures. With a metal bed, you don’t have to worry about mould growing on your bed.

Metal also holds up very well, if it is well made: A metal bed frame will not warp or crack like a wooden bed might. A metal bunk bed may also be superior to a wooden one, assuming the metal bed frames are joined securely.

For the single person living in a small apartment, a metal loft bed can really make the living space more functional. Perhaps more importantly for the single person who doesn’t want to remain so; the simple, clean, and modern lines of a single metal bed in loft form can also make an apartment look really hip. The great thing about some metal loft bed models is that they utilise the underneath for desk space, really saving on room, and are not overly expensive if you buy a small double mattress to go with it.

The use of metal with wood can give you the best of both worlds, as is the case with a metal canopy bed. Here, the bed is usually a poster bed consisting of wood with a metal canopy. This is more for decorative purposes, although at one point in time, bed canopies were covered to keep insects and animal droppings off the bed. This was obviously a long time ago, and thankfully most of us don’t have to use a poster bed to keep from getting crapped on, but a metal canopy still adds a nice touch and if nothing else, can be used to drape mosquito netting over the bed for people who have a mosquito problem.

Most metal beds on the market are black, although some white models are also available. Stark white stick out in a bedroom that features mainly neutral tones, so ivory white or warmer white metal frame beds are usually a better choice. Otherwise, it’s usually black or shades of dark grey. If you don’t like to clean very often and regularly, dust will show up on black very readily. You might want to opt for metal bed frames in brass, silver, or bronze instead. These are distinctly more metallic looking and usually evocative of older time periods. These are beds that look like they want to be kept company by a wood stove.

While a wrought iron metal platform bed usually features a classic look and designs that are often ornate or even flamboyant, newer beds can have a very sleek, even industrial look. Rather than try to soften the look of metal, these beds exploit it to create something that can be very impressive, visually speaking. I would encourage you to think long and hard before buying such a bed based on how “cool” it looks, as on an intuitive level, that hardness just doesn’t suit something used for sleeping. However, there’s no accounting for taste and an angular, unapologetically hard, metallic bed could be just what you are looking for.

A more balanced bed that also plays up the qualities intrinsic to metal are those contemporary designs that do away with unnecessary thickness and support, yielding metal platform beds that are sleek and light looking. These beds are tasteful and call attention to themselves not using novelty but in their unassuming presence. They are easy to clean and decidedly un-fussy and suit people who want lifestyles with a minimum of fuss.